9-Pole Plugs and Sockets

  • Staking methods proven in long term usage. No possibility of molding compound contaminating contacts to cause "dead spots”
  • Unique method of machining from solid bar (not stamping) and spring loading contacts give long trouble-free service
  • Over 1.5 million trucks utilize this type of heavy duty connector contacts
  • "Floating Pins" originating with Pollak® and a standard for the trucking industry are self-aligning offering continuous wiping action and the most positive contact
  • Terminals designed for 2-8 gauge, 2-12 gauge and 5-14 gauge to new industry standard for minimum voltage drop
  • Contacts on both trailer and car side spring loaded. Completely field serviceable
1 White 8 Ground Return
2 Blue 12 Electric Brake
3 Green 14 Tail, License and Running Lights
4 Black 8 Battery Charge
5 Red 14 Stop & Left Hand Turn Signal
6 Brown 14 Stop & Right Hand Turn Signal
7 Yellow 14 Back-up, Auxiliary Ground or Circuit
8 Gray 12 Auxiliary Circuit
9 Orange 14 Reefer (Tag) or Stop