Heavy Duty 7-Pole Plugs and Accessories

Insertion and Pull-Out Requirements

  • Meets and exceeds all standards of SAE J560
  • Floating pins for ease of alignment and maximum contact
  • Will accept the widest range of wire gauges, from #16 wires to #8 ground wire
  • Tapered design fits comfortably and conveniently for easy hand-position pull
  • Jumbo finger pull grips and two hang-up holes
  • High-impact cycolac interior with extended lip for easy removal and replacement
  • Solid brass terminal screws
  • 40 amps continuous duty @ 6-28 VDC
  • WeatherBeater seal accommodates .450 minimum wire diameter


1 White 10 8
Ground Return

2 Black 12 12 Clearance, Side Marker and Identification

3 Yellow 12 12 Left Turn & Hazard Signal

4 Red 12 10 Stop Lamps & Anti-Lock Devices

5 Green 12 12 Right Turn Signal & Hazard Signal

6 Brown 12 12 Tail, Rear Clearance Marker, License Plate Lamp
7 Blue 12 12 Auxiliary Circuit / ABS Power


NOTE: Pollak’s Terminal Pins are machined from solid brass bar stock unlike some competitors that provide unplated terminal pins stamped from sheet metal. Brass terminals ensure minimum voltage drop and dielectric grease protects against corrosion and resistance.

NOTE: Pollak’s 7-Pole connectors are manufactured from quality materials and will help reduce maintenance cost and down-time associated with electrical failures.