3-Port and 6-Port Fuel Valves

Motorized fuel selector valves. These valves (diesel or gas) are designed for use in applications which involve in-tank fuel pumps, not exceeding the rated pressure of the valve. Motorized valves are driven into position by an electric motor and are stable in either position. They only draw power for a fraction of a second during transfer. A switch in the valve shuts off the motor when the valve reaches the selected position.

NOTE: Another switch within the valve provides automatic fuel gauge readout for selected tank.


Motorized Valve Connectors

  • 5 wires
  • Weatherproof
  • Pigtail: 5" 18 gauge wires


  • Supplied in 42-300
  • Material: Bright nickel plated
  • Steel legends: AUX, MAIN

Toggle Switches

  • Circuit: D.P.D.T. On-On reversing
  • Positions: 2
  • Termination: 6-screw 2-jumper blades
  • Mounting: 15/32" dia. bushing

Rocker Switches

  • Reversing rocker switch
  • Main / Aux 
  • On-On D.P.D.T. 2 positions
  • 6-blade terminals with jumper blades
  • Fits .830” x 1.450” panel cutout in .093, .125, and .187 thick panels
  • Black bezel and actuator
  • Housing has nylon gasket for protection against moisture intrusion