7-Pole Connectors

  • Meets and exceeds all standards of SAEJ560 (SAE applies only to solid pins)
  • Floating pins for ease of alignment and maximum contact
  • Optimum slant mount and drain slot rid housing interior of accumulated moisture
  • Will accept the widest range of gauges from #16 wires to #8 ground wire. Ground terminal pin #1 will accept #14 gauge min. to #8 gauge max. Other terminals will accept #16 gauge min. to #10 gauge max
  • 40 Amps continuous duty @ 6-28 VDC
  • Self grounded (Zinc Die-Cast Units Only) to #1 ground terminal
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Recommended mounting hole is 2" diameter
  • Interchangeable with competitive makes


1 White 10 8
Ground Return

2 Black 12 12 Clearance, Side Marker and Identification

3 Yellow 12 12 Left Turn & Hazard Signal

4 Red 12 10 Stop Lamps & Anti-Lock Devices

5 Green 12 12 Right Turn Signal & Hazard Signal

6 Brown 12 12 Tail, Rear Clearance Marker, License Plate Lamp
7 Blue 12 12 Auxiliary Circuit / ABS Power


Ring Termination Style Sockets

Features rear threaded terminals for ring terminals. Also includes solid pins.

Note: For some applications ring terminals provide a better mechanical connection than set screws when properly installed.

Ring Termination Style Sockets

Bullet Termination Style Sockets

Bullet-style solid brass terminals for push-on terminals. Will accept straight or "right angle" terminals. Extended hinge pin and external spring for increased closure force

Bullet Termination Style Sockets

ISO Type Plugs and Connectors

  • For use in ISO and auxiliary applications
  • Heavy duty die-cast, ISO plugs & connectors
  • Inverted male ground pin to prevent improper connections
ISO Type Plugs and Connectors